Since 1950, when Pasisis Domika was founded in the area of Nafpaktos, Aitoloakarnania, Greece until today its route in the field of building materials is detected completely increasing. The animate work force of our company, Pasisis Domika S.A. -consistent in our principles for 60 years- has succeeded the constant improvement and progress of all the products and services, in order you, our own people, to be able to fulfill your dreams in solid bases.

The firm is activated in the field of imports, trade delegations and contemporary building materials’ trade, owing an ironware store of 700 sqm in the centre of Nafpaktos, including an exhibition centre of piles and sanitary articles, industrial and manufacturing unit in Palaiopanagia Nafpaktos, where the main warehouses of the firm are existing in a location of 25000 sqm. In a short time, the construct of one of the greatest 3floor-store in West Greece will be completed in a total area of 3500 sqm. The contemporary facilities combined with the advanced mechanical equipment and our completely expertise work-force constitute our firm a leader in the field of building materials and constructions, in general.