Metal Sand - Sandblasting Material

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Metal Sand is a cleaning material for surfaces, widely known as blasting material. It is a material with hardness more than 6 MOH and of high special height (appr.3,6 kg/dm³). It has grains with sharp edges and irregular shape and that’s why it is suitable for the abrasion and cutting of many kinds of surfaces. Maskagrit is environmental friendly and does not harm the human health. It is safe for rejections because it does not release heavy metals or other harmful substances.

Metal Sand is the ideal cleaning material for shipyards (repairs and maintenance), refineries (platforms and terminal stations), marine oil drillings, machines, cranes, railways, restorations (building and monuments), car bodies, chemical and other industries etc.
During the last years, the blasting material cleaning is being used in several new fields and industries, such as in the cement industry, asphalt covering, in nonslip road surfaces etc.

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