Flat Roof Window OKPOL with Flat Triple Glass- Fixed

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Country of Manufacture
Suitable for Roof Pitches
Uw 0.64 W/m²K
10 years
Internal Finish
PVC Frame
Exterior Aluminum Color Code
RAL 7022

The Flat Roof Window OKPOL with Flat Triple Glass is a modern and stylish solution for both new homes with flat roofs and existing properties considering an extension. Thanks to the frame made from PVC, this window is incredibly resistant to any weather conditions and does not need any additional maintenance. It is ideal for bedrooms and living rooms but also for rooms with high humidity level such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms. The toughened external pane and inter-pane laminate ensure the best level of safety. The Flat Roof Window OKPOL with Flat Glass provides outstanding and glamorous lighting, makes the room unique and, at the same time, achieves really high thermal performance.

Choose the electrically-vented base unit for comfortable, automated operation.

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