Eshaplast (APP -10 °C)- Esha

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Eshaplast (APP -10 °C)- Esha
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Plastomeric waterproofing membranes ESHAPLAST are produced from special types of bitumen and selected polymer materials based on propylene (APP). This special composition enables ESHAPLAST to withstand extremely high climatic temperatures and exposure to solar radiation, while maintaining all its characteristic qualities at very low temperatures.

ESHAPLAST is a guarantee for the absolute and long-term waterproofing of works which exposed to extreme climate temperature changes and intense sunlight.

The selection of the appropriate combination of reinforcement, surface finishing and weight/thickness of the membrane offers a variety of applications and high quality solutions in every problem of waterproofing, like:

  • Waterproofing of flat and inclined roofs
  • Waterproofing of metal decks
  • Re-roofing, refurbishment
  • Waterproofing of underground works / Foundations
  • Waterproofing of bridge-decks & parking decks
  • Waterproofing of reservoirs (tanks) and canals
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