Top Hung Roof Windows- OKPOL Standard- Pine Finish

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Περισσότερες Πληροφορίες
Suitable for:
Inhabited- Heated Loft Spaces
Internal Finish
Pine Finish
Hanging Position
Top- Hung
Window Handle Position
Handle at the Bottom of the Sash
Suitable for Roof Pitches
Uw 1.4 W/m²K
10 years
Glazing Type
Double Glazing
Ventilation Bar

Top Hung Roof Windows Okpol are a unique, confirmed by the Patent application construction, that provides two absolutely seperate ways of opening the sash: tilting and sliding. The tilting function enables the smooth regulation of the sash in 0-30 degrees angle and 60-degree opening. At any times, the window does not take any place of the room – that ensures not only the incredible ease of movement but also the comfort of adjusting the carpentry even to the really small and tight spaces. For instance, the sliding function eases rotation of the external glass and enables its precise cleaning.

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High Quality Sash
High Quality Sash

All Okpol pine windows are made of FSC sourced pine, providing assurance that your window not only comes from responsible sources, but is renewable too come the end of its life.

Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency

The Top Hung Roof Windows- OKPOL are being supplied with a double glazed unit with argon gas and warm interplane spacer.

Ease of Use & Installation
Ease of Use & Installation

Handle located in lower part of the sash. Can be closed with a key, secures from unwanted opening. Includes micro-ventilation function (passive ventilation).

Technical Characteristics

configurable product
10-year factory warranty
perfect waterproofing