Main Industrial Infrastructures- Warehouse

You will find us in Palaiponagia/ Nafpaktos, in our main industrial faicilities with the largest stock in building materials, in an area of more than 25.000 sqm. Address: Palaiponagia | Nafpaktos | Aitoloakarnania | Post Code: 30 300

Ironware Store

Visit us in our ironware store of 700 sqm in the centre of Nafpaktos that includes exhibition centre of piles and sanitary articles. Address: Themistokli Nova 3 | Nafpaktos | Aitoloakarnania | Post Code: 30 300

Patras Store- Warehouse

Distribution Centre of building materials in Rion- Patras. Address: Old National Road of Patras – Athens, Rio.

Ergon- Ready Mix Concrete

Ready- mixed concrete facilities at Makyneia- Nafpaktia. Address: Makyneia- Nafpaktia
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