Drawn Wire

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Σύρμα Σκληρό

Type: Drawn wire, which is the result of drawing from soft low-carbon wire rod down to smaller diameters

Applications: Drawn wire in several sizes-diameters, is being used by several companies for the production of several wire products, as following:

  • wire nets for refrigerators, washing machines, rotating structures for kitchens, baskets & trolleys for super-markets, grills for barbeque, antennas, hooks for panels, etc
  • wire nails
  • baling wire
  • black annealed wire 1.20 mm for constructions
  • black annealed wire for the recycling industry
  • welded nets for the reinforcement of cement
  • wires for the reinforcement of cement
  • straight cut lengths for the support of agricultural crops, vineyards & fruits
  • welded nets for fencing
  • paper clips, clips for crates, etc
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