Wooden Loft Ladder OMAN

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Maximum Height
2.80 m
Maximum Load
160 kg
1.22 W/sqm*K
3 years
EN 14975


Metal Loft Ladder OMAN Metal Loft Ladder- Accordion Type OMAN

The Oman Loft Ladder and Hatch kit is a complete loft access solution. A 3 section ladder. To ease lifting and lowering of the ladder the kit has a concealed spring to partially relieve the weight of the ladder. The final section of the ladder can be shortened to the required length by cutting. 

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Perimeter Support Frame

The Oman roof ladderes include the perimeter support frame for secure placement in your roof opening.

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Heavy Duty Hinges

The connection of the side rails with each other and with the hatch is done through special heavy-duty metal hinges.

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Safe Opening

The opening of the OMAN roof ladder is easy and safe thanks to the perfect balance of the springs connected to the side rails.

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Safe Ascent

The Oman roof ladder consists of eleven wooden threads connected by a half-engraved joint (for extra safety and durability) with two side rails, which can be "broken" into three pieces and stored in the gap of the hatch.

Maximum Height
Maximum Height

The maximum height from floor to ceiling is 2,80m

A= 2,80m | B= 1,55m | C= 1,35m | D= 57cm

Maximum Load
Maximum Load

The ergonomic design and the reliability of the construction materials of the Oman Loft Ladder guarantees durability and load resistance up to 160kg.

  • 20mm thick intermediate thermal insulation board made of polystyrene, lined with double-sided white board made of HDF (high density fiberboard). 
  • The total thickness of the hatch is 26mm.
  • U = 1.22 W / sqm * K
  • Secure lock with the possibility of opening from the side of the attic in case of entrapment

Technical Characteristics

configurable product
3-year factory warranty
great quality product